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im jaxx (she/her)

im a japanese-american, queer, trans woman born and raised chicago. most of my life has been deeply informed by my relationship to creativity and art, in all forms. growing up, i was a circus performer specializing in contortion, aerial fabrique, partner acrobatics, and wheel gymnastics, all of which i credit with building a great foundation of understanding creative expression. I also spent a lot oftime drawing, painting, sculpting and sewing and later studied fashion design and performance art in college for 2.5 years before dropping out. i now not only work as a tattoo artist and tooth gem artist, but also a model and DJ, as well as working in many other avenues of nightlife. 

i got into tattooing during high school and college but really started professionally tattooing in october of 2020. I work exclusively as a handpoke artist. while i love the technical practice and art form of tattooing, especially as it brings me closer to my japanese heritage, i approach tattooing with more of a spiritual, social and body work mindset. i think tattooing lends itself perfectly to the practice of body reclamation and autonomy, especially for queer and trans people such as myself. tattoos give us the opportunity to shape ourselves as we see fit, in our own image, and I am deeply honored to get to be a facilitator of such work

my flash and drawing style is really all over the place. i draw a lot of inpsiration from japanese and other asian imagery .motifs, and cultural iconography. aesthetically i also find myself drawn to graphic black work and intricate line work, which tends to show up consistently in my flash. florals, anime, stars, animals, dragons, and pop-culutre imagery are common themes that i work with. but in reality, i am not tied to any "style" or any particular imagery - i enjoy the freedom to experiment with different styles and ideas to both build my understanding of this artform and create sustainability and enjoyably within my practice. 

i hope to create some beautiful work together sometime <3 

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