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book a tooth gem appointment

excitingly, as of may 1st, 2024 i will be starting to do tooth gems professionally!​ i have experience doing tooth gems on myself and friends, but im very excited to start offering this service to the public!


i have all different kinds of crystals at different shapes, sizes and colors. tooth gems are estimated to stay on for 2-4 months but can last longer than that. check my instagram for photos of my work!

information on tooth gem pricing is below:

I take PHYSICAL CASH as a form of payment EXCLUSIVELY.

as of may 1st, 2024 pricing is as determined below:

- i charge a $25 deposit for ALL tooth gem appointments (this deposit goes towards your final total cost)

               - this deposit is NON REFUNDABL

- one round crystal (multiple sizes, multiple colors) - $55

           -any additional round crystal will be an additional $10 each

- one shaped crystal (stars, hearts, sparkles, diamonds, squares, etc) - $70

           -any additional shaped crystal will be an additional $15 each

- freestyle combo (one shaped crystal and one round crystal) - $75

           -any additional round crystal will be an additional $10 each

           -any additional shaped crystal will be an additional $15 each

- one whole tooth (multiple sizes, multiple colors, multiple shapes) - $100

           -any additional whole tooth will be an additional $50 each 

tipping is never necessary but always very much appreciated! money is always nice but I also like clothes, we*d, plants, candles, art, tchotchkes and tea! 

if you are interested in booking a tooth gem appointment with me, please click the "book a tooth gem appointment" button below. first you will be prompted to select a date and time. i have 10 available tooth gem spots per week  - wednesdays and thursdays at 4:30 PM, 5:30 PM, 6:30 PM, 7:30 PM, and 8:30 PM. if these times dont work for you, please send me an email and we can figure out a time that works for both of us. you will then be asked to fill out a brief booking form followed by being asked to pay a $25 non-refundable deposit* to secure your appointment.


after this, you will receive an automated confirmation email, confirming your appointment. if needed, I will contact you via email, to clarify any questions I may have. 

i will send you an email the day before your appointment with important information regarding your appointment (waiver, studio location, other info.) due to an overwhelmingly large amount of cancellations recently, you are now required to respond to this email, confirming that you have read through all the information and will be attending your appointment. if i do not receive a response to your email, prior to our appointment, your appointment will be cancelled and you will have to rebook your appointment and pay another $25 deposit. 

please dont hesitate to reach out and shoot me an email ( if you have any questions about pricing or tooth gems in general !

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